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Influence without Authority - A Client Story


A large healthcare and insurance company was establishing a new care model. Employees who had previously been tasked with responding to member inquiries, now needed to make outbound calls and influence members to enroll in the new program.

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New Team Integration: A Client Story

The client had been promoted to manage a new team, including former peers. BRODY coached the manager and the team over a 3-month period, interviewing the team to uncover hidden challenges. This work culminated in an all-team meeting focused on key themes to improve management and team dynamic. As a result, team members took ownership for moving the team forward in key areas.”

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A to Z Presentation Skills: A Client Story

Presentation skills aren’t just for your boardroom. There are countless situations in workplaces where your presentation skills must be employed. Munich RE made a commitment to strengthen its team members’ presentation skills so they could be leveraged in multiple settings. This was accomplished through a layered approach to building their communication and presentation skills over the course of a year.

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Women's Leadership Initiative: A Client Story

You have identified specific employees as high performers and high potentials. So, now what? Together with this global pharmaceutical firm, we created a Women’s Leadership Immersion program with on-site and virtual workshops to further develop leadership skills. Today, these women are better influencers with stronger leadership presence.

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Virtual Communication: A Client Story

Learn and practice methods for engaging your virtual audience. There’s a big difference between delivering information in person and virtually. Boehringer Ingelheim understood this distinction. Now their people know how to maximize virtual meetings.