Our Communication Programs:

Influence Without Authority

Influence is a process consisting of 3 key components: connection, clarity and communication. Participants in this workshop will develop an influence strategy that enables them to:

Clear & Compelling Communication

Are you adding value or noise?

Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t let your voice get lost in the crowd. Bring your ideas and contributions to the table. Assert yourself and make an impact.

Move from Conflict to Collaboration

Well-handled conflict can strengthen a workplace. Rigorous debate, if managed correctly, brings people closer together and can result in better decisions for the organization.

Empathetic Listening

Are you listening or waiting to speak? Listening is paramount to building relationships and developing new ideas, strategies, and insights.

Business Writing: Email & More…

Good writing establishes credibility, increases efficiency, and distinguishes you from others. It turns jumbled thoughts and scribbles into impactful messages others can easily grasp.

Team Building

There are many benefits to building strong, cohesive, motivated teams; the biggest gain is that these teams are much more likely to successfully meet their goals.

Flexible Delivery

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