Our Leadership Programs:

Leadership Presence

What makes someone an inspiring leader people want to follow? Is it charisma? Confidence? Integrity? Authenticity?

Leading Through Change

Successfully leading change means first managing the change internally to “get behind the change,” and then communicating the “why” in a way that inspires others to action.

Essentials for New Leaders

The best leaders constantly improve their ability to recognize and adapt to their team’s social and behavioral styles.

Coach with Courage

Coaching with courage means asking the right questions, of the right people, at the right time, in the right manner.

Ignite Your Personal Brand

Who you know matters. Who knows you matters even more. Learn the MAGIC components that go into building and marketing your personal brand.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

The way we frame problems ‐‐ that is, the way we initially think about them ‐‐ can either facilitate a solution or keeps us from seeing one.

Create a Culture of Accountability

Organizational accountability starts with each one of us. Move from complacency and complaints to transparency and trust.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence plays a critical role in every aspect of our lives. It helps us to lead teams, navigate conflict, and adapt to change.

Structured Decision-Making

Like any workplace behavior, making effective decisions requires great insight and attention to detail.

Flexible Delivery

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