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Our Presentation Programs:

Present with Success

The foundational one-day presentation skills workshop.

Powerful Presentations

A two-day learning experience that will transform your speaking skills.

Facilitative Presenting

Facilitative Presenting teaches you how to not just encourage audience members to participate, but also how to confidently and effectively guide them along the path to your desired end.

Persuasive Speaking

Learn how to effectively persuade others and gain advocacy for your ideas.

Business Storytelling

Stories fire our imagination. Stories stir our soul. Stories inspire us to dream. Stories make us care.

Thinking on Your Feet

Researchers have found that improvisation skills, a right-brain activity, can support a leader’s ability to interpret the environment, handle ambiguity, craft strategy, foster teamwork, and think on their feet.

Don’t Deck ‘Em

How does your audience feel during your presentation? Are they engaged, involved, informed? Visuals can help but without effective design too often they don’t.

Virtual Presentations

Are your remote audiences captivated or playing Candy Crush and distracted?

Flexible Delivery