Victor Hugo Eduardo Soler Montalvo

How Would You Describe Your Training Style?

“My training style is more of a facilitator and less of a teacher. I focus a lot on the experiential training method as posted by Professor David Kolb (my teacher at Case Western). I usually work with a consistent, conceptual framework facilitated by powerful experiential learning techniques, business games, role plays, real plays, and creative problem group challenges. To work well with this ‘facilitating style’ demands a very strong prior preparation and huge adjustments to the client’s needs. It is very common that I sit (several times) with the client to ‘co-create” the program with him (together).”

What Do You Like Most About Training?

“I love to facilitate in such a way as to help the people find the answers and insights ‘within’ themselves (they become protagonists on their own learning process). I am very much oriented towards using ‘experiential learning’ techniques … it is actually the backbone of my work. I also am very confident in the knowledge that I have acquired in all the years working with people, teams, and leaders. I am learning all the time … it never stops.”



Victor Hugo Eduardo Soler Montalvo is a psychologist who consults and facilitates programs on teambuilding, leadership, change management, safe behavior and creative process.

He has applied the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) method as proposed by Buffalo/ NY/ USA, and facilitated culture change processes with Positive Change and Appreciative Inquiry.

Victor has delivered the following programs for BRODY: Communication & Customer Relationships, People Management & Leadership, Advance Presentation Skill, Interpersonal Communication Skill & Conflict, and MSL Training using the Thought Leader Interaction Model (TIM).

In addition to BRODY, he has facilitated programs for Franklin Covey, Fierce Inc., and Tak International.

Victor is multilingual, delivering consultancy and facilitation in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Victor loves traveling, and is very sports-oriented (including working out in the gym and playing tennis 3 to 4 times in a week). He says, “I enjoy meaningful conversations with friends and clients — some of my best friends were former clients.”

Victor also enjoys reading (“with a special focus on the latest book in my field of work”) and films (including using video clips in his trainings). He has a good family life with “all grown-up girls, and lives in the countryside in a placid and nature-gifted landscape.”

Training Experience

Victor has delivered many in-person and webinar training sessions for clients in several industries. Examples include:

  • Bayer
  • BMS
  • Ache
  • Biolab
  • Cristalia
  • Libbs
  • EMS
  • BioNovis
  • Hebron
  • Eurofarma
  • Orygen


Education, Credentials & Awards

  • Psychology by University of Brasilia
  • Master’s Degree, Positive Organization Development at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland Ohio)
  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS) by the Creative Problem Solving Institute at Buffalo/NY/USA
  • Biodance Facilitator by the International Biocentric Foundation
  • Appreciative Inquiry System at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio USA
  • Master of Science in Positive Organization Development (MPOD) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio USA, and some other (minor) courses.